Tasmanian Studios to 1900

PHOTOGRAPHERS working in TASMANIA 1860s-1900s


ABBOTT, Alfred. Amateur. Hobart. 1859-1863

ABBOTT, Charles (brother). Amateur. Hobart. 1857-1859.

AIKENHEAD, William. Launceston. Amateur 1860-1890.

ALLPORT, Morton. Amateur. Holbrook Place 1859-1866.

AMERICAN STUDIO CO. Collins St. 1880; Allen & Gove.

ANSON, Joshua at H.H.BAILY, 1872-1877.

ANSON Bros; 132 Liverpool St. 1878-1880; 36 Elizabeth St. 1880-1887; 52 Elizabeth St. 1887-9; 129 Elizabeth St.1894-95.

BAILY, H.H. (Henry Hall).Elizabeth St. 1865-1866; 94 Elizabeth St. 1866-1881; 88 Liverpool St. 1888-1897.

BANKS, Samuel, Dundas, 1900.

BARNICOAT, Herbert S. 90 Warwick St. ALEXANDRIA Studio 1887.

BARNETT BIGGS, Alfred. Campbell Town. 1860.

BENNETT, Clay. Launceston. Travelling, 1857-1858.

BEATTIE, John Watt. Amateur 1879. At ANSON Bros Elizabeth ST. 1882-1891. At 52 Elizabeth St. 1891-1900.
ANSON Bros. studio proprietor. Official government photographer 1896 - .

BISHOP OSBORNE, John. 76 Murray St. 1879-93.

BOCK, Thomas. 22 Campbell St. 1848-1855.

BOCK, Alfred. 46 Campbell St. 1855; 78 Liverpool St. 1855 - late DURYEA & McDONALD; 18 Macquarie St. 1857; City Photographic Establishment 1858-1867; 138 Elizabeth St. 1859; Gippsland 1867; Sale, Victoria 1873.

BRANSGROVE, Alfred S. Cutter St. Queenstown, 1897-1900. Lyell Studios, Burnie, 1900.

BROWN & MILLER, 195 Charles St. Launceston. ca. 1897-98.

BROWNE, Thomas. 52 Liverpool St. 1846; 31 Macquarie St. 1848-1853.

BULL, Knud. Hobart 1856.

BURROWS, A.E. (brother of W.H. Carl Burrows) Brisbane St. Launceston, ca. 1885-1888.

BURROWS, W.H. Carl. 76 Murray St. 1877-78 at WHERRETT's; Melbourne and Sydney Portrait Rooms, Launceston 1878-1895.

BUTCHER & HENRY, Launceston 1861.

BUTTON, Henry. Amateur. Nephew of Edward Clarke. Launceston. 1860-1868.

CAWSTON, William. St. John's St. Launceston. 1860-1866 and 1881.

CAWSTON & SONS, St John St. Launceston 1888-1891.

CHERRY, George. Hobart c. 1852; 5 Macquarie St. 1854-1855; 43 Macquarie St. 1855-1861;
1 Elizabeth St. 1861-1864; 94 Liverpool St. 1864-1866; 80 Liverpool St. 1866-1867; Hobart 1868.

CHESTER, Frank. Travelling tintype photographer, North West Tasmania.

CITY PHOTOGRAPHIC ESTABLISHMENT, T. Nevin, late A. Bock, 140 Elizabeth St. 1867-1876;

CLAPHAM & CLEVERTON, T.A.. Kings Building, Launceston, 1857.

CLARKE, Dr. Edward. Amateur, Launceston 1854-1858.

CLIFFORD, Samuel. 132 Liverpool St. c 1859-1878.

CLIFFORD & NEVIN, Hobart Town 1860s-1870s.

COTSWORTH, Haldane. Upper Argyle St. 1870s-90. Wilson, Cotsworth & co. 1880s.

DALTON. George St. Launceston, 1860-62.

DART, Harry. Harrington St. Hobart. Dart & Rollings, 1900.

DAVIDSON, Mrs Letitia. Murray St. Hobart 1862-1866; 75 Collins St.Melbourne 1869-1870.

DE BRETT STUDIO, Launceston, Tas. ca. 1896.

DIAMOND CAMEO PORTRAITS, Quadrant, Launceston. William Paul Dowling, cdv's.

DICKERSON, Walter.Murray St. 1855; Calotype Gallery 1855; SHARP & DICKERSON 1855.

DOWLING Bros. travelling 1860-1861.Westbury, Deloraine, Carrick 1860. Torquay, Stanley 1861.

DOWLING, Matthew P. 12 Elizabeth St. 1864; 39 Liverpool St. 1864-1867.

DOWLING, William P. George St. Launceston; Kings Building, Brisbane St., Launceston 1859-1860s (brothers).

DUFF, Frank Gee, 195 Charles St. Launceston, 1888-91.

DUVAL & CO. 11 Quadrant, Launceston. 1888-1900. With A.E. Burrows.

ELITE STUDIOS, Launceston, 1890-1894. See Richard Nicholas, with Mrs R.Nicholas.

FAIRHALL, Alfred. Queenstown 1896; 1898-1900.

FEREDAY, Rev. John. Amateur. George Town, 1862-1871.

FERRIS, Thomas D. Launceston 1855.

FINLAYSON, Miss Elizabeth. Devonport, 1898-1900. At ARSLONGA Studios.

FLAVELLE, John. Assistant at G.B.GOODMAN's, St John's St. Launceston. 1842-1844.

FLEGITAUB, Lewis. Queenstown, 1900.

FOOT, Fred R. Lefroy, Tas. 1896.

FRITH, Henry Albert. Campbell Town, Carrick, Stanley, Longford, Deloraine 1857-58; Travelling FRITH & Co. 1858;
Brisbane St. Launceston 1858-1859; Hobart 1859; Sydney 1859; Launceston 1860-1861; Hobart 1862-1867.

FRITH BROS. 19 Murray St. 1857-1865. Brisbane St. Launceston 1859-1861; Charles St. Launceston 1862.

FRITH, Frederick. Liverpool St. 1855; 110 Collins St. 1855. At SHARP & FRITH, 8 Victoria St. Hobart 1856; 19 Murray St. 1857-1865.

GRITTEN, Henry. Campbell Town 1860; Launceston c 1870s.

HALL & FAIRHALL, Queenstown, 1896.

HARTNETT, Queenstown 1898-1900.

HAVENHAND, A. W. Latrobe, 1896-1900.

HOLSTZ, Pierre. Tourist from France, Brisbane St. Launceston, 1858-59.

HUSBAND, H. Murray St. 1853.


KILBURN, Douglas T. Hobart 1852-1853.

KING, Thomas Fleet. Stanley 1866-1880.

KONRAD, Louis. 60 Cameron St. Launceston, 1896-1905.

LATROBE PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIOS, Latrobe 1887-97. Phillip James Marchant.

LEONARD, Frank. 19 Elizabeth St. 1866.

LILLEY, Victor. Queenstown 1896-1900; Zeehan 1898-1900.

LONDON PORTRAIT GALLERY, St. John St. Launceston. P.L. REID.1870-78.

McDONALD, Albert. 121 St. John St. Launceston, 1888-91.

McDONALD, Alexander. Travelling, Launceston, 1855.

McGUFFIE, HARCOURT & CO. Richard McGuffie 1880, at C. Wherrett's ALBA STUDIOS 1897-1900.

MARCHANT, Phillip John. Latrobe Photographic Studios, 1887-97.

MELBOURNE PORTRAIT ROOMS, 90 Brisbane St, Launceston, 1878-95. With W.H. Carl Burrows.


MILLS, John. Zeehan, Tas. 1896-1900.

MOORE, R. J. Zeehan, 1892-97.

MOORE, William. Launceston, 1882.

NEVIN, William John (Jack), brother of Thomas J. Nevin. Prison photographer, H.M.Gaol, Hobart: 1877-1891

NEVIN, Thomas J. City Photographic Establishment, 140 Elizabeth St. 1865-1876;

NEVIN, Thos. New Town, 1860s - 1884. T.J. Nevin, City Photographic Establishment, 140 Elizabeth St. 1865-1876;

Clifford & Nevin, Hobart Town 1860s-1870s.

NEVIN & SMITH, Thomas Nevin, also known as Thos. Nevin and T.J. Nevin, with Robert Smith 140 Elizabeth St; 1865-1868;

NICHOLAS, Collam. 141A Brisbane St. Launceston, brother of Richard Nicholas, 1896-1900.

NICHOLAS, Richard. 74 St. John St. Launceston. ELITE STUDIOS, 1896-97.

NICHOLAS, Mrs R. J. 69 Brisbane St Launceston. ELITE STUDIOS. 1896-7.

NIXON, Bishop Francis Russell. Amateur, 1858-1860.

OXLEY, George W. Back Creek, Tas. 1861.

PADMAN, G. Latrobe, 1878-1880, late P.L. Reid

PATERSON, F.J. 53 Argyle St. 1864-1869.

PAUL, George. Dundas, 1892-1900.

PIGUENIT, William C. Amateur 1870-75 (also a painter)

POUSTY, William. 63 Brisbane St. Launceston 1891; Queenstown 1899, Burnie 1890-91.

RAY, Alfred. Gleadow St. nveresk, Launceston, 1896.

REID, P. L. & Co. Messrs. LONDON PORTRAIT GALLERY, Oatlands, Ross, Campbell Town. Travelling 1865-1866.

REID, Peter Laurie & Co. Elizabeth St. 1864. Partner of M.P. DOWLING, 172 Elizabeth St. 1864. St. John St. Launceston ca. 1870; Latrobe 1878.

RIISE, Harold. Macquarie St. 1880.

RIISE & BARNETT, Macquarie St. 1880-1882.

SALE, J. T. Launceston, amateur. 1865.

SAN FRANCISCO PORTRAIT PARLORS, Quadrant, Launceston (Duval & Co.) 1888-1900.

SARGEANT, Albert. Elite Studio, 61 George St. Launceston. 1899-1900.

SHARP, John Mathieson. 11 Collins St. 1856-1858. MATHUSON's (or Mathieson?) Chromatype Gallery.

SHERWIN, H. Queenstown, VITA STUDIO, 1898-1900.

SOMMERS, J.C. 39 Liverpool St. 1862-1864.

SOURMAN, L. (Sauerman?) Launceston, Travelling. 1853-4.

SPURLING, Stephen I. Amateur, Hobart 1856-75: 34 Brisbane St; 1857-59; 134 Liverpool St 1857-59; 62 Liverpool St 1860-61; 76 Murray St 1865-75.

SPURLING, Stephen II. early 1870s-75 worked in father's business at 76 Murray St. St. John St. Launceston, 1873-78. 83 Brisbane St. Launceston, 1878-1900.

SPURLING STUDIOS 93 Brisbane St 1902-24

SPURLING, Stephen III. (son of Stephen II), 93 Brisbane St. 1902-1937; 53 Paterson St. 1938-41

SPURLING, Frederick. 75 Murray St. 1870s. Son of Stephen Spurling I.

STORY, Dr. George Fordeyce. Patterson St. Launceston 1855-59.

STRANGE, Fred. Patterson St. Launceston 1855-59.

STUBBS, W. J. Patterson St. Launceston, 1855.

STUMP, A. At Charles WHERRETT's 1872-1873. 57 Collins St. 1880. Nicholas & Stump.

SUTTON, H. B. 195 Charles St. Launceston. 1896.

TASMANIAN PHOTOGRAPHIC CO. Charles St, Launceston, 1888-91.

TAYLOR J. J. Launceston 1890s.

TEAGUE, William H. Zeehan, 1894.

THWAITES, W. Snr. 128 Liverpool St. 1861. Macquarie St. 1862-1865.

TUCK, Henry. Haymarket, Hobart. 1868. Lucas & Tuck.

UDNY, Dr. Amateur, Launceston, 1843.

VITA STUDIO. 138 Liverpool St. 1875-1880.

WARD, F. B. Deloraine, 1896.

WARDE, Ernest. Waratah, Tas. 1900.

WARREN, Launceston, ca. 1898.

WATERWORTH, Henry T. Burnie, Tas.

WEBB, T.D. & SON, St. John St. Launceston, 1867-70.

WESLEY, A. S. Leltah (?), Tas. 1897.

WESLEY, E. C. Roseberry, 1900.

WHERRETT, Charles B. Charles Wherrett senior, 83 Elizabeth St. 1872-1881; Charles B. Wherrett (son) Melbourne Portrait Rooms, 113 Elizabeth St. 1884-1897 (or longer?). With R. McGuffie until 1897.

WHITELAW, Alfred Percy, at CAWSTON's, Launceston, 1883-1889. 195 Charles St. 1892-95; 74 St. John St. Launceston, 1897-1900.

WILLIAMS, Henry. 206 Murray St. 1859.

WILLIAMSON, C. A. H. Brisbane St. Launceston 1860; Cameron St. Launceston 1862.

WINTER, Alfred. 29 Bourke St. Melbourne 1860-1864; 90 Bourke St. Melb 1865-1867; 172 Latrobe St. Melb 1866; Bathurst St. Hobart 1869-1891; 19 Elizabeth St. 1874-1875; 23 Elizabeth St. 1878-1880; 91A Elizabeth St. 1880-1881.

WOOLLEY, Charles A. 42 Macquarie St. c 1860-1870.

Names, dates and studio addresses: Davies & Stanbury The Mechanical Eye in Australia, Oxford University Press 1986. State Library of Tasmania, Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery, National Library of Australia, Archives Office of Tasmania, Private Collections.
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Australia's first MUGSHOTS


Below each image held at the National Library of Australia is their catalogue batch edit which gives the false impression that all these "convict portraits" were taken because these men were transported convicts per se (i.e before cessation in 1853), and that they might have been photographed as a one-off amateur portfolio by a prison official at the Port Arthur prison in 1874, which they were not. Any reference to the Port Arthur prison official A. H. Boyd on the NLA catalogue records is an error, a PARASITIC ATTRIBUTION with no basis in fact. The men in these images were photographed in the 1870s-1880s because they were repeatedly sentenced as habitual offenders whose mugshots were taken on arrest, trial, arraignment, incarceration and/or discharge by government contractor, police and prisons photographer T. J. Nevin at the Supreme Court and adjoining Hobart Gaol with his brother Constable John Nevin, and at the Municipal Police Office, Hobart Town Hall when appearing at The Mayor's Court. The Nevin brothers photographed more than 2000 prisoners, the bulk now lost or destroyed. These extant mugshots were the random estrays salvaged - and reproduced in many instances- for sale at Beattie's local convictaria museum in Hobart and at interstate exhibitions associated with the fake convict ship Success in the early 1900s. The mugshots were selected on the basis of the prisoner's notoriety from the Supreme Court trial registers (Rough Calendar), the Habitual Criminals Registers (Gaol Photo Books), warrant forms, and police gazettes records of the 1870s-1880s. The earliest taken on government contract by T. J. Nevin date from 1872. The police records sourced here are from the weekly police gazettes which were called (until 1884) Tasmania Reports of Crime Information for Police 1871-1885. J. Barnard, Gov't Printer.